Jasiewicz and Stepinkski (2013) provided a novel method for classification and mapping of landform elements from a digital elevation model (DEM) based on the principle of pattern recognition rather than differential geometry. At the core of the method is the concept of a geomorphon (geomorphologic phonotypes) — a simple ternary pattern that serves as an archetype of a particular terrain morphology. From a total of 498 possible combinations a set of ten distinct patterns is formed (see figure 1).

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M. Saenger

Meteorologist (MSc University of Zürich/ETH Zürich) with more than 10 years of experience in traditional reinsurance and ILS industry: Reinsurance Pricing and Catastrophe Model validation. Development of pricing and portfolio reporting tools. Profound knowledge of statistical methods and software (MySQL/R/Shiny/Leaflet/Markdown)

Natural Hazard and Data Scientist

Zürich - Switzerland