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Winter Statistics for Altdorf UR (438m)

For some winter statistics the (Swiss) Hydrological Year is taken as reference. It starts on 1 Oct and ends on Sep 30.

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Top Ten Daily Minimum Temperature

Rank Year Date Value [°C]

Lowest annual minimum temperatures at Altdorf UR (438m)

Measurement Sites History

In some cases snow measurement site history is not complete. See map for precipation sites below for most likely position in case of missing entries.

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Snow data is provided as-is (inhomogeneous). Please consult measurement site history above.

Top Ten Snow Depth

Rank Year Date Value [cm]

Maximum annual snow depth at Altdorf UR (438m)

Occasionally, monthly extrema are errorneous due to '0' instead of 'NULL' records in the data set.

Snow days

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Daily temperature data is provided as-is (inhomogeneous). Please consult measurement site history and see MeteoSwiss website for details

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Relative to period 1981-2010



Winter Season



The Swiss National Basic Climatological Network (Swiss NBCN) connects the major ground-based stations within the MeteoSwiss monitoring network. It consists of 29 climate monitoring stations and 46 precipitation stations. The measurement series available in digital form for temperature, precipitation and hours of sunshine date back, in some cases, to the mid-nineteenth century.

MeteoSwiss has been conducting systematic measurements of climate parameters at ground level in all parts of the country since 1864. Certain monitoring stations in this network are run with particular precision and are the bedrock for research into climate change. The particular ground-based monitoring stations in the network that are the most important from a climatological perspective together form the Swiss National Basic Climatological Network (Swiss NBCN). These provide the basis for long-term, continual high-quality climate data series. MeteoSwiss